Free Navigation App For Nokia Symbian 5th Edition Devices

by mohit on March 18, 2010

In this highly advanced tech-world, why go for the prerecorded and/or biased traffic navigation news when you can get as well as create for yourself and your friends the latest traffic updates on your route completely live on your Symbian mobile phones with this unique application known as Waze.

Waze is a social mobile application that enables drivers to build and use real-time road intelligence i.e. constantly-updated road maps, alerts on traffic and accidents, and data providing users with an optimal commute.


  • Waze’s cool social navigation brings you to the intersection of where geogaming meets crowdsourced traffic info & real-time live maps
  • while driving with this app in your smartphones, users can share real-time information that translates into traffic conditions and road structure and can also actively report to the community(friends, family) on traffic, accidents, police traps, speedcams, blocked roads and more to help them take the appropriate route to their destination.
  • the service is on 24 hours a day, so use this app any day and any time
  • unlike other road maps and GPS devices that fail to reflect upon the fact that roads today are dynamic and change at every minute leaving drivers in the dark as to what’s really happening on the road at any given moment, Waze takes an innovative approach to address this problem, providing drivers with real-time road intelligence and the best possible route to their destination.
  • its a freeware


  • Symbian s60 5th edition mobile devices

DOWNLOAD the Waze free for Symbian OS

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