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by mohit on December 27, 2009

Dictionary, i strongly believe, is one thing that does not come with an expiry date. It had been an integral part of a human being’s education since the beginning of time and will also be for the ages to come. Only the forms in which they are available have changed from time to time, but that is the case with almost every other object used by man. Nothing is in the same form as it was used by Early Man.

Earlier the traditional paper dictionaries were very popular. It is today as well, but the electronic advancements had made a huge impact. It has been made available on our PCs in the form of Thesaurus feature in MS-WORD. There’s no need to search for a word from the dictionary the traditional way. Just type the word, press enter, and the meaning is right in front of your eyes.

The only new thing is that this electronic dictionaries have taken one step forward- they can now be accessed on our mobiles as well. So why switch on a computer when you can use the facility on your mobile phones?

You can now download this freeware Pocket Dictionary 2.5 which contains 20 dictionaries with more than 2.5 Million words. The dictionary is very fast and needs only 1MB free RAM memory to run.


Available dictionaries:

English French – 168603 words
English German – 437868 words
English Hungarian – 63183 words
English Italian – 73361 words
English Medical – 9270 words
English Oxford – 182688 words
English Portuguese – 194639 words
English Romanian – 168820 words
English Romanian Tech – 134088 words
English Spanish – 237140 words
English Synonyms – 63876 words
French Larousse – 53508 words
French Romanian – 134577 words
German English – 123183 words
German French – 80035 words
German Romanian – 167752 words
German Synonyms – 37343 words
Spanish Synonyms – 41600 words
Romanian DEX – 105897 words
Romanian Synonyms – 48780 words

Requirements :

  • Windows Mobile 2003/5/6
  • .NET Compact Framework

What’s new in version 2.5? :

In version 2.4 there was a bug on displaying results from dictionary.

DOWNLOAD Pocket Dictionary 2.5

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