Free Signer For Symbian To Self Sign Sis of Unsigned Applications

by mohit on December 10, 2009

FreeSigner is a new Symbian app that allows you to directly sign symbian 3rd edition software, applications and games on your windows mobile device without transferring the files to your computer. This is a software to sign SIS and SISX files directly on mobile. Easy, simple and reliable methode for signing, unsigned files. People who don’t like their phones to get hacked find this app really good.

With Free signer for symbian you can sign unsigned applications. This app was made for 3th edition but also work on 5th edition. It lets you sign for unsinged applications or remove sign. It is very easy to use, thanks to its friendly interface.


SIGN YOUR SYMBIAM PROGRAMS with FreeSigner and free certificates :

Symbian software that doesnt come from a handful of big corporations is often “unsigned,” which means you’ll have to let it sign by Symbian Signed Online ( which is a tedious process), hack your phone so it can install unsigned programs (won’t work with the latest firmware), or sign it yourself with a developer certificate.

There are very few applications that enables you to sign Symbian programs. The new app on the table- FreeSigner is like SignSis with more features.



you’ll need a certificate to use FreeSigner. There’s a chinese site that hands out certificates to everyone who can navigate their chinese forum, but now there are alternatives in english in german as well. Getting a certificate is getting easier and easier.


Symbian s60 3th or 5th edition


  • support Remove signature.
  • support for the PKCS # 8 format of the private key(SignSis does not support).
  • support operation of the mixed batch.
  • support Self Sign SiS & Sign SiS.
  • support setting the path of the sisx file output.


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