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by mohit on December 3, 2009

There’s some very good news for all the  iPhone owners. Almost everyone speculated that the iPhone 3GS would come with a front-facing camera and video calling as an additional feature, however this did not fruitify. But, there’s no need to get disappointed as Fring has released the first-ever video calling application for the iPhone.

Fring works with Google Talk, Skype, Facebook and AIM and has supported VoiP communications since the beginning. It has released an upgrade that allows you to receive video calls on your iPhone.



If someone is placing a video call from a desktop or a laptop using Skype, for instance, then via the new version of fring that is currently available to users with iPhone/iPod touch OS 3.0, those users can watch it on their home screens.

The only problem is that current iPhone and iPod Touch models do not have a front-facing camera, so the video calling works only in one direction ( i.e. you can’t make outgoing video calls with the iPhone, only receive them). However, we have found some NOKIA devices that support two-way video calling.  You can expect many more similar video calling iPhone applications in future. And there’s also a possibility that Apple could even include their own video calling app, but be sure that wireless carriers will not object over bandwidth issues.


This feature will work only on a Wi-Fi connection, and not on 3G.


To download this windows mobile app on your iphone,

click on Video Calling Comes to the iPhone

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