Free WIFI Remote Access For Windows Mobile 6.x Windows Phones

by mohit on December 17, 2009

With the help of WIFI Remote Access you will be able to browse the content of your Windows Phone 6.5 or Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 device from your computer’s web browser without installing anything on your computer!


  • Internet Explorer (6, 7 or 8)
  • Windows XP or Vista (with .net framework 3.5 sp1 installed) or Windows 7 (.net framework 3.5 sp1 already included)



This free application will allow you to explore the content of your Windows Mobile Phone directly from your computer, through a WIFI connection without installing any client software on the computer!

All you need to do is to open your web browser, and type the IP address of your phone (which is displayed on your phone screen). At that time only, you will be able to browse your data, pictures, and music and send files from your computer to your device. You can see pictures and listen music on your computer directly from the web interface.

For people who like to tweak their Windows Mobile device, there’s a registry editor feature also.

Users will be able to browse their pictures from a 3D XBAP (XAML Browser Application) / WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) based user interface (as seen on the screenshots below). They will also be able to upload multiple files at once through this interface.


  • a feature to check for updates has been added. No more expiration date!
  • Added the ability to distinguish WIFI and USB networks from other networks. Shows WIFI signal strength.
  • Added the ability to enable automatically the server when the application is launched, and added the ability to display a link to the registry editor in the main menu (disabled by default).
  • Changed the way to prevent device from sleeping.
  • Better support of non english languages (now uses UTF8 encoding)
  • and many more

Download the WIFI Remote Access free for your Windows Mobile Phone.

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