GENIVI Chooses MeeGo OS for IVI

by Kabir on August 4, 2010

In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) is a rapidly growing field that encompasses all the digital applications that can be used by travellers in a car. Applications include Navigation, location, information based services, connectivity to various other devices, broadband networks etc.

GENIVI, which was founded by BMW Group, GM, Delphi, Intel, Magnetti-Marelli, with a goal of establishing a universally competitive Linux based Operating System and platform for automotive In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI), has chosen MeeGo as the OS on which its IVI will be based. MeeGo is an operating system developed by two giants namely, Nokia and Intel. It can be said that MeeGo is a cross between Nokia’s Maemo (of N900 fame) and Intel’s Moblin Project. It has been developed keeping in mind to provide flexibility, so that it is suitable for various devices such as smartphones, notebooks, TVs and also Tablets.

Graham Smethurst, President of GENIVI, said, “We selected MeeGo as the open source basis for our platform because it is technically innovative and can provide the cross architecture build support we require for our references. Working with MeeGo we expect to establish a solution that effectively merges IVI needs with those of the other MeeGo target device categories”, citing reason as to why they chose MeeGo as the OS.

It will be interesting to watch out for this Operating System as it is manufactured by mammoth names (Nokia and Intel). There are high expectations and excitement among the tech gurus. So lets wait and watch how this OS comes out to be and how it helps IVI-interface for the common man.

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