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by mohit on March 22, 2012

World Weather app for Windows Phone is not a new mobile app in the Windows Phone marketplace. It has been there for a while and is a very useful, effective app. It has just come up with its ‘Free’ version now i.e. you can now download it for free from the marketplace.

World Weather App Description :

Receive the latest weather information on your Windows Phone, get the current local, extended forecast, hourly forecast, current moon phase, radar, as well as other weather information. It also gives you the ability to Create, customize, and expand your live tiles, change the background using the phones theme color. “Live” background that changes 4 times a day, or any custom color you desire now has a Free version you can choose from 1 of 4 sets of weather icons, and use one of our many style templates (new styles added automatically) to complete your design. Also included in this version is the dual tile feature. Also there’s a new “Default View” where you can choose between the normal default city’s current condition view or our new “Tiles View”, which gives you quick access to all of your saved cities weather conditions.

World Weather App Features :

  • Weather Alert Information
  • Severe Weather Alert Push Notification : checks every 30 minutes and notify you of any new Weather Alerts (alert operational hours are customizable within your app setting).
  • Current Conditions
  • My Location Weather : the app now has “Follow Me”, which will update your live tile “My Location Weather” every 30 minutes with your new location (all other locations follow your live tile update schedule within your app settings) .
  • My Activity Weather : Simply visit the location by enabling “My Activity Weather”, and record its GPS coordinates. To accomplish this, enter a location name and save it to your list, or just enter the GPS Coordinates without the location. My Activity Weather was designed to make life a little easier, so you’ll never have to worry about getting to your location only to find out it’s raining.
  • No Limit saved locations
  • 36 hour forecast
  • 7 day forecast
  • Changing Live background
  • Pin Multiple Live Tiles to home screen
  • Detailed conditions including sunrise / sunset, humidity, wind speed / direction, dew point, precipitation
  • Custom Tile Layouts
  • 4 Weather Icons Sets to choose from
  • Custom Color Tile Backgrounds.
  • Dynamic Style Templates (automatically updated).
  • 3 day forecast Live Tile support.

Mango Version Features :

  • Fast app switching support.
  • Multiple Live Tiles.

Download World Weather Free For Windows Phone.

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