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by Abhishek on September 21, 2008


Wondering if you had a mobile buddy that can remind you of events, remind you of missed calls, unread messages and even if you are running low battery then total patrol is an application developed just for you. Now you don’t need to worry about important events and you don’t need to check again and again for any missed calls. Total patrol will automatically buzz you as soon as you get a new event.

The basic features of total patrol are:

1. Its event reminder feature is great as it reminds you of important events and even the missed events so that you can compensate for the missed event in time.

2. Missed call alert is another feature that pings you about a missed call so that you don’t have to check your phone again and again fearing that you don’t miss an important business call.

3. Total patrol reminds you of unread messages also. You may receive a msg while driving and you tend to forget it later on but with total patrol it is not the case.

4. Total patrol also reminds you of low battery so that you can avoid running out of battery.

5. Total patrol has an intelligent alert feature which takes your ringtones settings from the profile you have selected which means if your phone is on vibrator it will also do the same.

Total patrol has many good features but what’s very sad is that it is an unsigned application which means that you need to have a valid certificate to run total patrol else it would keep giving valid certificate error.

To sign the application is very easy procedure and to do it just follow the link:



Download Total Patrol

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