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by mohit on March 23, 2012

For all the Windows Phone users as well as the app developers, there is this one app on the Windows Phone marketplace that benefits both the groups, those on the receiving end i.e. the users and those on the giving end i.e. the app developers/publishers – AppDeals. With AppDeals app, you can get exclusive great deals and news straight from app publishers i.e. discounted and free apps for a limited time.]

Get deals straight from developers, and as a Windows Phone user:

  • receive at most one deal a day via push notification
  • pin AppDeals to your phone screen to view the current deal at a glance
  • subscribe to AppDeals newsletter
  • follow AppDeals on Twitter:

And If you are an App developer, don’t hesistate to contact the Appdeals team to have your app appear within AppDeals news & offers. Every month, some Windows Phone developers can add their offers and news within AppDeals for free based on slot availability.

In other words, AppDeals builds a bridge between the developers that want their apps to be known and users that want to get Windows Phone great apps or games for discounted prices. It is based on first come, first served as soon as the app is approved. You can book a day to communicate about your app for FREE and get some visibility for your Windows Phone app.

The best part is this – its available for free in the app marketplace.

Download AppDeals For Windows Phone

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