Google Maps For Symbian Based Nokia Mobiles

by mohit on November 29, 2009

The entire world is going through a phase of massive technolgical advancement and still many are following the cumbersome, traditional ways of doing various activities- one such task is to track a particular location using the conventional paper maps.


Mate! what will you do if you are not able to grab one at the time of emergency? and are they really effective in helping you reach your desired destination before in time? Well, i dont think so

That’s why i am insisting you to Download Google Maps for mobile to your phone and never carry a paper map again.


Symbian OS




  • My Location : My Location shows your current location on the map, usually within 1,000 meters, so that you can find out where you are even without GPS. Google Maps for mobile also supports built-in GPS or can link to a Bluetooth GPS sensor to more accurately pinpoint a user’s location.
    My Location works by recognising information broadcast from mobile towers near you. There’s much more to know apart from this.
  • Map and satellite views : Google Maps for mobile gives you both map and satellite views of the area that you’re looking at, using an interface that feels just like it does on the desktop. Scroll in a direction to see more of the map or zoom in and out using shortcut keys.
  • Business listings : one can easily search for any business or category of interest and also find phone numbers and addresses for local businesses.
  • Transit & walking directions : Get routes and schedules to travel via subway, bus, or on foot.
  • Favourites :  Bookmark your favourite places so that you can easily return to them on the map.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD : just click on the following link and you can download the Google maps free for Symbian OS

download google maps

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