GPS Sport Tracker – Best Sports Tracker App For Windows Mobile Phone

by mohit on January 22, 2010

Just in case you enjoy cycling, mountain biking, skiing, running, hiking or walking, no matter you are a professional or you do it just for fun, GPS Sport Tracker v1.04 is a FREE Windows mobile application made by keeping you in mind. The software provides realtime statistic like current speed, altitude, distance, etc. and data for post analysis using PC.

So its really great if you are a professional and even if these sports are your hobby, you should have it on your mobile phone because you never know when a hobby takes a toll and you wanna do it full time.


1) Speed (current, average, max.)
2) Altitude (current, total up, total down)
3) Distance
4) Metric and imperial units
5) Time, elapsed time
6) Track view with zoom in, zoom out, center start position, center current position
7) Current position view with zoom in, zoom out, using road, terrain maps and satellite view
8) Elevation profile
9) GPS signal availability, satellite info
10) Simple waypoints, waypoints with a photo
11) Save track in GPX format
12) Extended power management
13) Customizable UI fonts (in case if your device has non-standard DPI va


  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6, 6.1
  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5

DOWNLOAD GPS Sport Tracker free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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