Windows Phone 7 App To Read Google Reader Feeds

by mohit on October 21, 2010

Google Reader is a service/application that does not need any introduction. It is the online service initiated by Google that enables the masses to keep themselves acquainted with the feed-updates on various websites without actually visiting those websites. So anything new on any website, Google Reader will make you aware of it. Thereafter you can choose to go after the entire update on that website.

Now, taking its usefulness into account, no wonder all the Mobile OS giants are out with the apps that are Google Reader Clients for their respective supporting mobile phone devices. Windows Phone 7 has been latest to be heard of joining the bandwagon.

Yes, an Australian guy is known to cut the ice. He has just unveiled his Windows Phone 7 Google Reader client called gReadie. gReadie is a Google Reader client for the Windows Phone 7 and has currently been informed to be in a “work in progress” stage. He has uploaded a short video demo of the gReadie app and it definitely looks quite feature rich at this point but he has plans to add more features to it and will most likely be available in an ‘ad supported free’ version and a ‘ads free paid’ version.

It seems to have the following features :-

  • Search/Add a feed using the URL or keyword
  • easily swipe between the feeds
  • The app will launch the browser to show the full story ( clicking the back button takes you back to the app )
  • send post to Instapaper
  • rename or remove feeds
  • view starred posts and tags

Watch the video below to know more

As you can see, there is no Twitter or Facebook share options in the video demo for gReadie, but we hope that they’ll be added at the time of release of the app. Stay tuned. We’ll track it and inform you.

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