Grooveshark – Listen Individual Songs To Entire Albums On Your Blackberry

by mohit on January 11, 2010

Like Windows mobile applications and Symbian apps, Blackberry also has some great mobile apps for its users. One such app from Blackberry is Grooveshark – lets you find bands you already love and listen instantly from individual songs to entire albums.

Description of Grooveshark :

  • finding and listening to your favourite songs from various bands is just one feature of this app
  • one can create playlists on-the-go and access them anywhere and anytime.
  • you can sync your Grooveshark music across the board- On your phone, computer, or friends’ place.
  • Just in case you can’t think of what to play next, Grooveshark makes radio stations based on tunes you already love.
  • access it on the road, at the gym, in your ears, simply pick your favorite songs and store them on your phone to listen them even when your coverage drops.
  • Grooveshark is your on-demand listening cure.
  • With Grooveshark on your phone, you’ve got the world’s music library everywhere your phone can go.

Music is undoubtedly a stress buster and enable your ears to enjoy your favourite music anytime of the day and at any place is a wonderful experience. Grooveshark makes it possible. It’s a stupendous music software for your Blackberry mobile devices, a must to have.

Furthermore, its a freeware from Blackberry i.e. you can download and use this software without having to pay for it, the icing on the cake.

DOWNLOAD Grooveshark free for BlackBerry

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