Handle your slide phone with Slide Helper

by Abhishek on September 21, 2008


Slide helper as the name suggests is an application which lets you modify the functions associated with the slider. With this application you can do more with the slider than just answering calls or writing messages. This application is supported by symbian OS phones specially the symbian S60 third edition phones which are j2me enabled.

The key features of slide helper include:

1. You don’t need to press the hang up button to disconnect the call just slide up the slider to hang up the call. It’s as easy as that.

2. Slide helper saves on your battery time by switching off the background lights and the keypad lights as soon as you slide up the slider.

3. You can lock and unlock the keypad by the slide of the slider which is preferred by all the slide phone users and slide helper assists you in doing that.

4. Each time when you lock or unlock the keypad, there is a message on the screen and by using slide helper you can get rid of those notifications

5. The application is available in many languages and you can browse through the languages to select your desired language interface.

Slide helper is only available as an unsigned application which means if you don’t get its valid certificate it would show valid certificate error. Moreover there is very little support available for this slide helper and getting the valid certificate is not an easy task as far as slide helper is concerned but the easiest way that I can recommend is to crack your phone, by doing so you bypass the certificate check and the application works correctly.

Supported phones: Symbian S60 3rd Edition and nokia N95 and its 8gb version

Download Slide Helper

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