Homework Planner For Windows Phone 7

by mohit on February 24, 2012

If you are a student and finding it hard to get hold of the homework or test pressures back at school/college just because you often fail to remember the dates or deadlines for the work that you were supposed to finish for a particular day or class and you end up being screwed for the same, i think you should be grateful to Windows Phone 7 marketplace that has this ‘Power Planner’ mobile app at your service which is an ultimate homework planner app. With all the existing features, the latest version comes with a all new grade/GPA Calculator, live tile and is compatible with Mango OS as well. Plus, it’s there for FREE or only $1.99

With lots of efforts been gone into its development, it is the fastest, smoothest, and most productive homework planner available. There are countless amazing features that make Power Planner far better than the rest of its type.

The Power Planner App Features :

  • Automatic Reminders(free version) : Power Planner automatically reminds you what items are due tomorrow, and it will even remind you if you haven’t finished something an hour before your class. This can be disabled in the Settings.
  • Fastest Homework Entry System(free version) : Power Planner is the only app to remember which class and date you most recently selected, so that you do not have to waste time when adding multiple assignments for the same.
  • Most Advanced Grading System(paid version) : The grading system supports weighted grades and custom grade scales, so it should work with any school.
  • The GPA system works with any GPA scale and even allows for additional honors/AP score boosts(paid version).
  • Add notes like the teacher email to classes (paid version)
  • Add grades, calculate final GPA (paid version)


That’s not all. The app has more unique features you won’t find anywhere else. I would recommend it to all the students. The FREE trial is fully functional as a homework app. The paid version, however, has a few extra goodies like adding exams and saving notes (class website, office hours, etc) to your classes. Enjoy this wonderful app.

Download Power Planner for WP7 and Mango mobile devices. 



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