How Mobile Number Portability Will Apply In India

by mohit on December 27, 2009

Do you have to think a hundred times before changing your mobile service provider because you get hysterical about the fact that you will also have to change your number. You may not be willing to do that for the obvious reasons.

Do not get frenzied about it because the Mobile Number portability(MNP) service is going to be launched soon in India. MNP is the service that enables the mobile phone users  to select any network without changing their numbers. Indian mobile service providers will implement this facility from December31, 2009 in metro cities(Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai & Chennai) and ‘Circle A ‘service areas and by March 2010 onwards, in other parts of the country.

Earlier two companies Telcordia Technologies and Syniverse Technologies has been selected by Department of Telecom (DOT) to aid them in rolling out MNP services.

How You Can Have MNP ? :

Mobile customers who are likely to change their service provider should get permission from the existing carrier. The customers must give a consent in written to the existing service provider to change from the current network to another. It will take 5 or 6 days to complete this process. After the completion of this process, they will give to the technology provider for further process of MNP application.

MNP service charges :

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) fixed the maximum rate of mobile number portability fee at Rs.19.


  • it would be an impetus for the mobile service providers in India to lower the call and SMS rates.
  • Coverage, call quality, customer service and all other areas will see improvements as this the only way to retain customers
  • more beneficial to the postpaid customers as they have lesser tendency than the prepaid users to change their numbers, but now they will easily move to a better service provider if required.

Till now, Indian Telecom Sector was like a ship lulled in calm waters because it had never ventured out its harbor. But here onwards, it would be really interesting to see how MNP changes the face of Indian Telecom Sector.

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