How To Identify iTunes Phishing Scam Email

by Kabir on November 1, 2010

Last week our team leader got an E-Mail receipt from the iTunes on purchase of an app. It turned out that the app was never purchased. Moreover, the amount of the app was a whopping $752.99, and the grand order total was $029.99 (Obviously, the purpose of the deviation in the amount was to arouse curiosity). A snapshot of the E-Mail receipt is shown below.

Now, this is how we realized it is an online scam. Firstly, the “Report a Problem” link had a weird URL:, besides, the link was pointing to some non-apple web site. Now, what if the user clicks on the link. You’d be asked to give your credit card details (or any other detail about your iTunes account) and consequently your credit card info can leak into insecure sources (or your iTunes account can be easily hacked).

So next time you receive such an e-mail, make sure to check the link sent to you on all your secondary e-mail accounts, whether they are pointing to the same URL or not. Also make sure the amount of bill is not weird. It is intended for you to make that mistake (out of curiosity and panic) and click the link, consequently, asking for your credit card or account details.

CAUTION: The phishing web site may look as an Apple Support web site, so don’t get carried away only by the looks of it.

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