HushSMS – Send Silent SMS In Stealth Mode Your Mobile

by mohit on November 29, 2009

Like all those cool stealth equipments used by James Bond in his films, you can now also have access to those kind of gizmos with the help oh today’s technological advancement. HushSMS is a tool that can be used to send a class zero message (aka Flash-SMS) or a stealthy PING message to another cellphone. The “Silent Ping” enables you to send a message to another cellphone without the owner getting knowledge about it.

The main point is that the message is discarded on the owners phone and no trace exists. You will get back a message from the operator that your message has been delivered, proving that your message has been received, and thus you can know that the owners phone is switched on.
This app should not be confused with some kind of hack or whatever. It’s a normal function and works on any phone.



This app might find its place at a regular work place or in your daily job. Quite often a situation arises when you have to be sure that a specific mobile phone is switched on so that you can send some information to that phone without it beeing stored (class zero message). That’s where HushSMS comes into picture.



  • To send a normal sms, leave the checkboxes for “Class 0” and PING unchecked. If you want a receipt enable the “Return Confirmation” checkbox.
  • To send a class zero message(Flash-SMS), enable the “Class 0” checkbox and write your message.
  • To send a silent PING(stealthy message) just enable the “PING” checkbox. There is no need to write something in the Textbox, because the target phone will discard it anyway.


It runs on all Windows Mobile 5 and 6 based PocketPCs.

That’s it. Enjoy it, and as always it’s freeware.


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