I-nigma Barcode Reader – Read Barcodes With Your Windows Mobile Phone

by mohit on November 18, 2009

Now, download i-nigma barcode reader for free and get the content on your CAMERA-enabled mobile phone( requires mobile pocket pc 5/6 camera). With the i-nigma reader installed on your mobile, you’ll be able to decode smartcodes and connect direct to the mobile internet. It can now read QR codes, data matrix and 1D EAN13 barcodes.


One can view sprts clips, check out travel info, or can get any news- just by scanning a smartcode with your camera-phone…


With the help of camera on their mobile phone, users will be able topocket-pc-freeware-barcode scan the barcodes that may appear on magazines, newspapers, billboards, LCD/plasma screens, packaging, T-shirts, etc. causing thepocket-pc-freeware-barcode phone browser to launch and direct to the programmed URL. Just point your camera over the sample barcode  while running the i-nigma barcode reader application on your camera enabled Windows Mobile device !


  • a power tool for mobile advertising campaign management and helps in engaging more audience
  • provides better understanding of customers response to multiple campaigns.
  • its a fast and reliable web service for creating and web-linking Data Matrix and QR barcodes to information and promotional offers.


It delivers solutions for a plethora of companies like mobile operators, advertisers, brands, publishers and many other business operations.


It all started in JAPAN in the year 2002 when network carriers (NTT DoCoMO, J-Phone) handset makers (Panasonic, NEC, SHARP), and a number of service companies (Denso, MediaSeek, 3GVision) collaborated to create innovative uses for the new cameras in mobile phones. The main idea was to turn a camera phone into a barcode scanner, delivering encoded information – including URLs that could connect direct to the mobile internet.


i-nigma barcode reader can now be downloaded to operate on over 300 different handsets from nokia, LG, motorola, samsung, sony-ericsson and others.

Download i-nigma barcode reader

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