India Mobile Phone Web Usage Trends, Most Browsed Websites In 2010.

by mohit on January 22, 2011

Long gone are the days when the access to web was possible only by sitting yourselves in front of desktop PCs. Now, one carry the access to internet in their pockets, courtesy, the mobile web. Now, there are several internet browsers to go with, but here we’ll be talking specifically about the ‘Opera Mini‘ mobile web browser and subsequently the behavior of its users.


Every month Opera conducts the definitive analysis of the key trends affecting the mobile Web worldwide. We publish these findings as the State of the Mobile Web. Each report provides the most frequently visited sites, key data metrics from Opera Mini and a snapshot of a specific trend chosen by the analysis team that month. To read more about report methodology, visit


  • India stood 3rd(after Russia-1st and Indonesia-2nd) in terms of total Opera Mini users in the month of December.
  • not much difference in the top 10 sites visited(remains similar to 2009), although few exchanged their rankings amongst themselves. It goes like this :-



· (up from 4)

· (down from 3)




· (up from 9)

· (down from 8)


  • Few domains need a special mention :-

o Facebook finally overtook Orkut and is placed at #2 in the most visited domains since October 2010

o YouTube and Vuclip also scaled up in ranking, implying increased usage of video content on mobile

o Twitter which was not in the top 50 list at the end of 2009, is now standing tall at #16

o Amazon, GSM Arena, FoneArena, Hungama and mp3hungama showed high growth in 2010. In India, stands tall at #17 in the most visited domains of 2010. It was not present in the top 50 most visited domains from India list in 2009. In the past one year, traffic towards by Indian Opera Mini users has increased by 150%.

  • Opera Mini India Statistics for December 2010:· Page-view growth since December 2009: 379.2 %

    · Unique-user growth since December 2009: 280.6 %

    · Data transfer growth since December 2009: 316.9 %

    · Page-views per user: 427

    · Data transferred per user (MB): 7

    · Data transferred per page view (KB): 17

  • Top handsets for December 2010 are Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, Nokia 2690, Nokia 2700c, Nokia 2730c, Nokia 3110c, Nokia 5233, Nokia 7210c, Nokia N70, Nokia 6300 & Nokia X2 i.e. Nokia seems to have ruled the show.


  • With all the world’s e-commerce in the consumers’ hands, mobile shopping is on a rise.  In 2010, consumers turned to the mobile Web to make the process of holiday shopping smarter and easier. Over the course of 2010, we observed a significant increase in the use of Amazon.
  • In December 2010, Opera Mini had over 85.5 million users, a 6.8% increase from November 2010. Since December 2009, the number of unique users has increased 84.7%.
  • Opera Mini users viewed over 46.7 billion pages in December 2010 and 6.5 petabytes of operator data were compressed for Opera Mini users. Since November, page views have gone up 4.6%.

Conclusion To The Report :

Shoppers are returning to the mobile Web after a long decline. In March 2010, Opera Mini users reversed the downward trend shopping sites have seen in the later years, and usage spikes are easily seen on the big shopping days of the year. Full access to the Web via Opera Mini—even under difficult conditions such as crowded cellular networks—puts power back in the hands of the consumers.

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