Indian Government Asked Blackberry To Find Solution Till August 31st Or Stop Their Services

by Kabir on August 24, 2010

All of us are aware of the recent spat between the Indian Government and Research In Motion (RIM), makers of BlackBerry (BB) smartphones. It was all over the newspapers recently that terrorists exploit the encrypted format of the BB services and that due to security reasons the Indian government wants RIM to reintroduce a different technology which is accessible. Representatives of RIM flatly refused the request saying that the encrypted format has made them popular and it is one of the key the reasons for their success all over the world.

Negotiations were on between Govt. of India & RIM for quite some time now, BB doesn’t want lose out on the Indian market which is growing day-by-day. The Indian government has clearly stated and made the point very clear, “Make the data accessible or services will be barred”. In a response RIM agreed to provide information but on deferred basis, which was unacceptable for the Home Ministry and security agencies.

With almost 40 days left for the XIX Commonwealth Games, to be held in New Delhi from October 3rd to 14th, a decision has to be taken at the earliest. BB Messenger (BBM) and BB Enterprise mail Service (BES) have already been banned in some of the countries in Middle-East including Saudi Arabia. The Home Ministry and security agencies have given a final deadline to RIM for installing a server in India which is August 31st, 2010.

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