Install the modem driver for CDMA phones

by Abhishek on October 3, 2008

If you want to access internet on your pc using your phone’s internet connection then you must have the modem drivers installed in your pc to start using the internet access and if by any chance your pc doesn’t have the modem driver the internet will not work on your pc although it will work in your phone. Just follow the simple steps to install the default cdma phone driver

1.    Click on the start button and then click on the control panel option. In the control panel window click on the phone and modem options.

2.    Now just follow the instructions on the wizard and install a new modem on the computer but be careful on the fact that you should manually select the standard 33600 modem among the available default options. Do not let the computer to detect automatically plug and play modem.

3.    After you are done with this you can install the modem on any available default COM port.

4.    After you have installed the modem, right click on the icon and select the properties option. Then you need to configure the Extra Initialization command under the advanced menu options. Set the Extra Initialization command to AT+CRM=1.

5.    To complete the whole process you need to create a new connection using the new connections wizard.

You can do this by accessing the wizard in the control panel window. I m putting up this post but let me inform you all that I have not tested this procedure. So all those who will try it out leave a comment for the benefit of the others.

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G.child November 5, 2008 at 9:10 am

Dailing code for accesspoint *99***1#.u are set to go

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