iPhone 3GS Price With Vodafone, Airtel – Cost, Specs and Data Plans

by Abhishek on March 27, 2010

Airtel has launched iPhone 3GS in India, you can read our post on iPhone 3GS Official Price with Airtel. Today only, Vodafone has also launched iPhone 3GS on their network.


About Apple iPhone 3GS

It is successor of iPhone 3G and the fastest and most powerful iPhone 3G due to its better hardware which includes camera, video recording, better assisted GPS, More RAM, Better Processor etc. It is finally available in India with Airtel and Vodafone.

Here is a difference in between the data plans and prices they offer

Airtel iPhone 3GS Price

  • Apple iPhone 3GS Cost in India (16GB) – Rs.35,500
  • Apple iPhone 3GS Cost in India (32GB) – Rs.41,500

Airtel iPhone 3GS Data Plans

With new iPhone 3GS the Airtel customer will also get a 500MB/month free data usage for 1 year. You can purchase iPhone 3GS from Airtel authorized retail mobile shops across India.

Vodafone iPhone 3GS Price

  • Vodafone iPhone 3G Cost in India (8GB) – Rs.29,500
  • Vodafone iPhone 3GS Cost in India (16GB) – Rs.30,500
  • Vodafone iPhone 3GS Cost in India (32GB) – Rs.37,000

Vodafone iPhone 3GS Data Plans

Plan 1 costs Rs.799 per which have 249 minutes free calling and 250MB of data download. Plan 2 costs for Rs.999 per month, which have 299 minutes of voice calling and 600MB of data download.

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