iPhone 4 Orange UK Price and Tariff Plans

by mohit on June 28, 2010

With a hugely successful release of the giant of the smartphones i.e. Apple’s iphone 4, Orange UK has published its price and tariff plans for the iphone 4 available in black or white with 16GB & 32 GB and iphone 3GS available only in Black with 8GB & 16GB.

All the iphone enthusiasts in UK who are planning to purchase the handset from Orange will find that it is available with monthly plans starting at £25 per month and going upto  £75 per month. The various options are £25 per month(with a plan length of 24 months) and£30/35/40/45/60/75 per month(with a plan length of both 18 or 24 months).

The phone price would be ranging from £0 to £319 depending upon the handset model(i.e. iphone 3GS 8/16GB and iphone 4 16/32GB), monthly cost and the plan length.

Some of the basic price and tariff plans – The monthly plans on which Orange has the new devices available include a £35 per month option, with iPhone 4 16GB and iPhone 4 32GB priced at £119 and £219, respectively; a £40 per month option with the handsets priced at £89 and £189, respectively; a £45 option on which users would get the devices for £29 and £139, respectively; and a £75 option with the iPhone 4 16GB available for free and iPhone 4 32GB priced at £29. The iPhone 3GS 8GB can be acquired for free on all these plans.

Various amount of minutes and texts(unlimited texts from £35 per month up) would be included in different plans. Unlimited mobile Internet browsing, Wi-Fi connectivity and  Tethering will be the common features with all the plans with plan length of 24 months. However the option is also open to 18-months packages with the iPhone 4 16GB’s price ranging from £99 on a £75 per month plan to £229 on a £35 per month plan, and with the iPhone 4 32GB priced between £139 and £319 on these plans.

The “pay as you go” plans are also available. Also see the “sim only” plans if you already own an iphone. The carrier’s business users can buy upto 5 units as a part of special offers from Orange.

There’s no second thought to the fact that this mega handset is bound to go places under Orange as the carrier. Visit Orange’s website for further details.

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