JTdLnch – Create Custom Shortcuts In Windows Mobile Phones

by mohit on December 29, 2009

Now, all the windows mobile phone users enjoy a JTdLnch app i.e.  a unique today screen launcher with smooth transitions and animations plus a lot of customizations.


  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5


Using this app you will be able to create custom shortcuts on right side of  your home screen. JTdLnch is actually a native today screen plugin so you can enable/disable it from /Settings/Today

To edit the JTdLnch settings you’ll have to go to the Programs from your start menu and tap on “LTdLnchSet” to get the settings interface.



  1. Tab 1 (Pages):
    This is the foundation of the launcher. Before adjusting anything else, you will want to create a new page. To achieve this, simply enter a title for the new page on the first line of this tab. Then, select the preferred launcher pattern. The left box is the pattern set for portrait mode, the right is for landscape.
  2. Tab 2 (Apps):
    This is where you’ll be adding the shortcuts for each page of the launcher. Select one of your pages from the drop down menu and click “add.”
  3. Tab 3 (Themes):
    This tab doesn’t appear to be in use at the moment, but will probably be used in the future to quickly change themes of the launcher.
  4. Tab 4 (General Settings):
    This tab has the most Japanese characters (or blocks), so I edited a screen shot of it with English translations. View it at the end of this post.
  5. Tab 5 (Plug-in Height):
    Adjust the height of the actual plug-in here. The option at the bottom adjusts the height of the page switch area.
  6. Tab 6 (Plug-in Width):
    Likewise, you can adjust the width of the plug-in here.
  7. Tab 7 (Colors):
    Here you can change different colors associated with the launcher.

Download JTdLnch free for Your Windows Mobile Phone.

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