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by mohit on August 3, 2010

Google, one of the world’s most famous and used Search Engine offers a feature/application known as “Google Translate” that enables you to get any particular word, text or entire webpage translated into most of the national languages being spoken all around the globe. The same language-translator application can now be used on the Windows Mobile phones with the help of an application known as the “Anuvadak”

Basically “Anuvadak” is a Hindi word for the English word “Translator” written in English manuscript. Anuvadak application derives it functionality from Google translation service. The developer of this app has tried to incorporate almost all the features of the ‘Google translator’ making it a very effective and very useful application.

Such an application is a very effective tool in your pockets, especially when you are in some foreign nation for any purpose and you do not the native language of that place. Then it can come really handy to help you in communicating and understanding the local people of that country/nation.

Anuvadak is different from the other apps as it offers a completely different user experience. Some of the app’s real good features are as follows :

  • a solution to display all languages. No more boxes for Arabic, Persian, Hebrew , Hindi, Chinese or Japanese.
  • Changelog Anuvadak 1.1
  • Added QVGA, WQVGA and HVGA support
  • Improved Instant translation but still in alpha
  • Added paste support with a dedicated paste button. No more long press to select paste option
  • Added dictionary items with translation, Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Interjection, Conjunction, Verb, Adverb and Abbreviation
  • Added check for update option
  • Added user-selectable option to show number of items in history – This is major memory improvement. Devices with low memory choose less than 5 items
  • Added support for saving a language pair as favorite or save it as default
  • Added support to show all indic and asian languages. There is a trick to it( read the full description here ).
  • its a freeware

The developer is seeking suggestions from the users in order to work on the problems(if there are any) faced by them while using this app. To me it appears a very good app. I will definitely have it on my WM PPC.

DOWNLOAD Anuvadak – Google Translator for Windows free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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