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by mohit on January 12, 2012

Women, working or housewife, married or single, have a large number of responsibilities as compared to men on any given day. They barely get the time to flip through your favorite magazines, let alone the time to stay on top of current events, books, and blockbusters; to gather seasonal fitness and beauty tips, parenting and career advice; to discover your next favorite vacation spot or culinary inspiration. That’s where MSN Onpoint comes in.

MSN Onpoint is a service by Microsoft that focuses exclusively on women. It offers handpicked stories from magazines like Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping & Women’s Health; Delish, the Today Show and the choicest blogs so that you don’t have to scour the entire web manually to find things that truly interest you. Then, there is occasional eye candy and racy joke for the ladies because they deserve it.

Onpoint also has a Favorites List in case you want to bookmark articles for later, so you can read what you want, when you want, where you want. Great content coupled with Bing makes MSN Onpoint a game-changer for the busy woman. Here you can Select favorite topics, Preview this weeks best new stories and Save to your mobile device as “To-go’s” that you can view later.

To personalize the service, you can sign in to the app with your Facebook or Windows Live account. But even without that, the app makes for a good read. You can view the editor’s pick in the Featured section, or the latest additions to Onpoint under New this week. The items that appear in Onpoint can be articles, just photos or videos. While viewing any item, you can bookmark it by hitting the add to favorites button or share it over any of your accounts, including Facebook, Twitter or via email.

Available only on iOS up until now, the mobile client for MSN Onpoint now has a Windows Phone 7 variant as well. This Web companion to MSN Onpoint allows you to manage your identity, set your content feeds and sync between for your favorite devices on Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad. Being an official MSN app, Onpoint is absolutely free.

Download MSN Onpoint For Windows Phone 7 


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