Level Widget – Check The Horizontal Accuracy Of Any Object

by mohit on March 7, 2010

You might come across a situation where you need to know if something’s straight or not. It can be a scale, a rod, a wall, a door, for that case anything. The main issue over here is the ‘straightness’ of the concerned object. How to check it in a very simple and quick manner? Use Level Widget app for S60 5th edition mobile phones.

It is a great tool to have on, but it could do with other updates like being able to use the application in landscape mode. The application is limited by only being able to use it in portrait mode.

NOTE :   Do not put your full confidence in the accuracy of this widget though as it is the first version. But any application that is a freeware is worth trying on.


  • Symbian s60 5th edition mobile devices

DOWNLOAD the Level Widget free for Symbian OS

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