Live Tile For Contacts In Windows Phone 7 For Emails, Calls & Sending Message

by mohit on February 12, 2012

We all carry our favorite smartphones on our pockets but the things we do frequently from our phones vary from person to person. Some might have a lots of phone calls to make and SMSs to send, some have lots of mails to be sent, some play lots of games and there are few who are just bust with some funny, exciting mobile apps. So we all tend to have different tasks that we do frequently from our mobile devices. Have you ever thought of organizing those things and get them done faster than it normally takes? If yes, ‘Lightning Dial’ is a must-have app for your Windows Phone devices.

Lightning Dial is a free shortcut organizer and speed dial app. With Lightning Dial you can create shortcuts to those things you do frequently on your phone. For example, you can create a shortcut for:

  • call to a family member
  • 30 minutes late” SMS or email
  • Quick tweet with predefined hashtag
  • WiFi settings page- favorite web page
  • flashlight

The following is a list of shortcuts that are currently available in the app:

  • Call phone : speed-dial a contact of your choice
  • Send email/SMS : quickly send an email or SMS to a predefined address/number. You can even select the default message and subject and only fill in the blanks
  • Browse a web page : opens a web page of your choice in the browser
  • Share your status : instantly post your status on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks supported by Windows Phone
  • Open connection settings : if you have to change some of these frequently (like turning Wi-Fi on/off), it will be much faster with a shortcut than going through the settings menu every time
  • Open the marketplace : open the Windows Phone marketplace for music or apps
  • Open Bing Maps : see your current location in the Bing Maps application
  • Do a search : quickly do a search using the advanced built-in search dialog (this is different than clicking the Search button on your phone)
  • and more coming in future versions

This app has a very intuitive and simple user interface. Once defined, shortcuts are presented as a grid and you just need to tap on the shortcut you want to invoke. You can reorder the shortcuts by drag and drop. To provide more space for shortcuts Lightning Dial has three pages – main, left and right. The main page is active when you launch the application and the other two are only a swipe away.

What’s great about this app is that it is available for Free in the marketplace.

Download Lightning Dial For Windows Phone 7.5 or higher 

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