Locate, Find Your Symbian Phone On Map

by Kabir on October 12, 2010

Imagine an application that provides you with a photo of the thief who stole your phone. Yes you read it right, Track & Protect is one app that many of us (especially the careless users like me) have long been thinking of. It is one app that not only protects your personal data in the mobile phone but also increases the chances of getting the phone back (once you’ve lost it). Besides, it has a lot of other services to offer too.

Losing your mobile phone is not a nightmare anymore. Track & Protect app, developed exclusively for Symbian users, makes sure that all your personal data (including messages and photos) are safe and secure. As soon as the SIM card changes, it automatically locks your phone. To unlock it, a passcode has to be entered (which obviously only the actual owner would know). If the “thief” enters wrong passcode thrice, the front camera automatically clicks photo of the thief and sends it to your number. Besides, you would also receive “thief’s” phone number and location. This increases the chances of getting the phone back. Other features of the app are listed below.

Key Features

  • Get your phone location on a map instantly
  • Lock your phone remotely and display owner info on phone screen
  • Get thief’s phone number and front face photo!
  • Keep remote control and track phone location even after SIM change
  • Wipe your contacts, calendar, messages, and images remotely
  • Feel secure about your phone and your data
  • If lost, increase the chance to get your precious phone back
  • If stolen, handover all the info to the police
  • Periodic passcode check on phone
  • Passcode check at phone startup
  • Auto phone lock at SIM changes
  • Lock screen with owner details and return reward
  • Report thief’s location at SIM change
  • Report thief’s phone number by SMS
  • Send thief’s photo after 3 wrong unlock attempts


The app is available only for mobile phones running on Symbian s60 3rd & 5th edition.

Download Now

To download the app, click here.

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