Locate Mobile Phone With Mobile Number Locator App For Windows Mobiles

by mohit on December 15, 2009

From a vast ocean of windows mobile apps, comes yet another app which could be of vital use for the windows mobile owners. It is known as Mobile Number Locator 3.2.

Sometimes, we need to know the exact location of the number from which we are being called up or for any specific mobile number i.e. if we have got a missed call on our mobile from any number. Many a times, by just knowing the location of the number, we tend to know who must have called and so we are able to call back if it was an important call. We also often face problems in knowing certain STD codes or ISD codes just before we are about to make a national or overseas call respectively. That’s where the app Mobile Number Locator 3.2 comes into picture.

Mobile Number Locator for your Window’s Mobile traces out the general information of any mobile number like Service Provider, State, or Reference City.

Now you can also find out STD Codes as well as Country Codes using this software without any GPRS Connection. Mobile Number Locator 3.2 (for Windows Mobile) contains Mobile Number Finder, STD Code Finder & Country Code Finder.


  • a windows mobile device



  1. There are 2 different versions of “Mobile Number Locator” (according to the supported JAVA version in your mobile).
  2. Mobile Number Locator is valid for India only


  • Mobile Number Locator database has been updated.
  • STD Code Finder database has also been updated.

Download Mobile Number Locator 3.2 free for your windows mobile phone.

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