Lock Unlock Your Phone Without Pressing Any Button [ s60 5th Edition ]

by mohit on July 20, 2010

Like other smartphone operating systems, Symbian too keeps its users guessing for any new application worthy of downloading in your Symbian smartphones. This time it has come around with an application to help you get rid of the frequent locking-unlocking problem for your symbian s60 5th edition mobile phones.

The application named as “pocket lock” is a lock application for Symbian s60 5th edition mobile devices.  It locks your phone when inside your pocket or bag, and unlock when taken out. So next time when you need to keep your phone back in your pocket, there’s no need to lock it manually with the keys/buttons because this app will do that automatically. And same is the case when you take your phone out of your pocket/bag and want to unlock it.

Now, you must be wondering how does this app works? Simple. The front facing camera on your handset is monitored for this application. Pocket Lock runs in the background, and auto starts with your phone(the ‘Autostart’ feature can also be disabled from the options). So, no more lock/unlock buttons needs to be there on your phone after installing and using this application.

Most importantly, its a freeware so you can download this app for free.


  • Symbian s60 5th edition mobile devices

DOWNLOAD the Pocket Lock free for Symbian OS

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