Make Your Family & Friends Look Pics Funny With Windows Phone 7

by mohit on January 20, 2012

So you often find that small child giggling within you and you feel like doing something very funny, play a prank or do anything hilarious with your family and friends around and make them look stupid. Well, there is one windows mobile app which can enable you to do the same using your phone’s camera. MadPix is a camera app that makes use of the new Mango Operating System’s exclusive features and enable you to create funny Photo Booth pictures of your dear ones.

With MadPix you can make funny pics of your family and friends with your phone’s camera by using 4 different high-quality effects (stretch, sqeeze, bulge, normal) in real time while you are taking the photo. This makes the app simple to use and the resulting images look quite natural.

Some Other Features :

  • built-in Facebook : take the funny pics and save them to the phone’s gallery or upload and share them directly through Facebook. Have a look at the screenshots to see some results.
  • MadPix visualizes 4 different high-quality effects (stretch, sqeeze, bulge, normal) in real time while you’re taking the photo.
  • MadPix supports rapid fire mode, so you won’t get interrupted while trying to catch the best situation.
  • There is an internal photo gallery where you can browse your snapshots. From there you can quickly move them to your phone’s gallery, upload or even delete them. This helps avoid trashing your main gallery.

Note : In a free trial of the app, you cannot move pictures to the phone gallery
and cannot upload to facebook. Buy the app for $0.99

Download Madpix For Mango Mobile Devices.


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