Microsoft My Phone – Free Automatic Backup Contacts, Photos, Calendar, Text Messages and Other Data Of Your Windows Mobile Phone

by mohit on December 4, 2009


Windows Mobile Smartphone/Standard 5 , 6

MP Client Options


  • Automatic backup of your phone’s content : With the My Phone service, information on your Windows phone is backed-up to a password-protected web site hosted by Microsoft. You can restore your information easily in case you lose your phone or upgrade to a new phone
  • Send photos to your PC and favorite social networking sites : Microsoft My Phone makes it easy to share photos taken with your phone. From your My Phone web account or directly from your Windows phone, you can share photos to Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, and Windows Live
  • Find your lost phone : The My Phone service can help you know the last known location of your phone on a map (based on where it last synced or shared photos using My Phone). User activation is required for this service
  • Access your contacts, text messages and more online : It also enables you to organize the contacts and appointments on your phone, and search through your old text messages. The changes made by you will appear on your phone the next time you sync.



  • Its free. Except for a few optional services, Microsoft does not charge for use of Microsoft My Phone. However, your mobile operator may charge for data usage
  • The My Phone service provides only 200 MB of free storage on the My Phone web site.

DOWNLOAD the Microsoft My Phone free for Windows Mobile Smartphone.

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