Microsoft offers Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1 upgrade

by Abhishek on October 1, 2008


Most of the windows based mobile don’t support the file formats supported by Microsoft Office 2007 and many windows mobile 6 phones have somewhat old interface. It is for the first time that Microsoft is offering upgrades directly to the phones of the users. The new Microsoft office 2007 supported open xml format which has the features of improved reliability and security and the best thing is that the .docx files consume very less space.

Key features of Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1 includes:

1. With Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1 upgrade you can now work with the open xml files on your windows enabled phone.

2. You can work on the spreadsheets, word documents and the power point presentation created in .docx format.

3. With this upgrade you can also unzip the compressed zip files.

4. Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1 also provides the feature of smart art in the PowerPoint applications.

5. With Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1 the viewing of charts in the excel mobile is now made quite easy with a very well planned layout.

6. One of the best features of Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1 upgrade is that the first page of the documents now loads very quickly and hence the performance is enhanced.

7. The upgrade is however available for free but it works only if your mobile device has a previous version of Microsoft office installed in it.

This upgrade is not going to work if your phone doesn’t have the previous version installed and then you will have to purchase the full version of the Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1 from the Microsoft website

Supported phones: Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC; Pocket PC Phone Edition; Windows Mobile 6

Download Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1 upgrade

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