Midomi App Released For Windows Mobile Phones

by mohit on February 7, 2010

You are very fond of music and are often in a look out for some great songs that you might have heard somewhere on the go, but you are not able to recall the exact lyrics. Midomi v1.65 is the WM application that will enable you to find your song by simply singing or humming. Sounds great? There’s more to it.

It is the ultimate music search tool that let you find a song’s title and artist name by simply humming, singing or even whistling the song.


  • You no more need to find a song using a keypad to search for Youtube video because Midomi Mobile will connect your device to your favorite Youtube video.
  • Identify a recorded song you hear playing at the bar or on the radio
  • Just hold your phone up to a speaker, and Midomi names the tune in as little as five seconds!
  • Find youTube videos of your favorite songs
  • You can even share a song on Twitter or Facebook, buy it, or check out lyrics, videos, and artist info for free.
  • View albums, lyrics, artist bios, photos, similar artists, and more

This app simply will be the music lovers’ delight.


Windows Mobile Pocket PC

DOWNLOAD Midomi v1.65 for your windows mobile phone

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