Moneycontrol App For Windows Phone 7 [Review]

by mohit on March 29, 2012

India is a growing country with economic boost all around. The people here are now getting out of their safety nets and are out there investing in the local as well as global financial markets and not just saving the entire amount left after the monthly expenditure like in the era before economic liberalisation. So for the people with this mindset who are interested in business, economy and financial markets, the Moneycontrol app for Windows Phone is one suitable tool. And this application is powered by – India’s no.1 financial and business portal trusted by millions.

Moneycontrol app allows you to :

  • get real time stock quotes,
  • Indian and Global market Indices,
  • manage and keep track of your investment portfolio,
  • watch Live TV and
  • get in-depth coverage & analysis of financial markets, economy and business

The application is now available to you on your Wndows phone. Download the app and keep yourself abreast with all the new trends and happenings in the financial world. This mobile app is available for free and would definitely give you a edge over the others.

Note :  For any queries regarding the app, you can mail the developers team on

Download Moneycontrol app for Windows Phones. 

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