Monitor GPRS usage with SPB GPRSMonitor

by Abhishek on September 13, 2008


In today’s time gprs technology has become so common and it’s used in almost every phone that provides support, may it be gsm or cdma, gprs is almost everywhere. With the increasing benefits of gprs and more gprs compatible tools, the use of gprs is bound to be increased. So what else could you ask for if an application can take account of your data transfer and calculate the cost of the usage for you.

In this way you can quickly have a glimpse on your phone bill daily so that you can avoid the unexpected uncalled surprise. This application is like must for every phone. The product has many features like it calculates the cost on the basis of the data amount, data size and block size. You can even set the limit on the cost you want to use on gprs and as near your budget it alarms you also. There are many features to list and all the features are self explained.

It also has a plug-in that can display the gprs speed on your home screen. And just to avoid the loss of information from the phone you can transfer the information about your consumption into excel. You can also customize your plug in to show the data usage for a particular hour, day, week, and month. To put it in a different way you can produce all the statistics in many different ways and criteria.

You can also set the time limit up to which you can access your gprs and as you near the lime limit, it generates a text notice. You can also keep the network history in a text file or in the form of graphs as they enable the interpretation of the statistics quite easy. The application also includes more than 300 pre defined service plans and if your plan is listed then you can save up on the most difficult part of entering your service plan details.

Supported phones:

I-mate SP3, i-mate SP3i, Mio 8390, Motorola MPx200, Motorola MPx220, O2 Xphone II,QTek 8010, QTek 8080, QTek 8100, Sagem MY S-7, Samsung SGH-i300 / SGH-i300x,SDA Music Smartphone, SDA Smartphone, SPV C500, SPV C550, SPV e200, TSM 520, Voq Professional Phone

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