Multiple Tabs Support Web Browser For Windows Phone 7

by mohit on April 9, 2011

Today, the Web Browser has a crucial role to play in the advancement of any Smartphone you might be carrying along. There are quite a few Web Browser apps for mobile devices fighting for their space in the competitive market. But only the one will strong and quality features survives today, or else the consumers switch on to others at a very brisk pace. One such Web Browser loaded with some great features is Surfy(currently in ‘beta’ stage) for the Windows Phone 7 mobile devices – its the first “tabbed” web browser for Windows Phone 7.

A huge improvement over the Internet Explorer Mobile that came with Windows Mobile 6.5 but still a little shy of the features in the desktop versions of Internet Explorer. Surfy isn’t that far off from Internet Explorer Mobile, but it is one of the first alternative browsers to hit the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Surfy Features:

  • Tabbed browsing. Flick to move between tabs or jump to a tab by selecting it from a list of all tabs.
  • Full-screen viewing. Maximise screen real estate by switching to full-screen view. Switch back instantly using a semi-transparent button.
  • Open links in their own tabs. With Surfy you can open links either in the same tab or in a new tab.
  • Autocomplete – searches as you type.
  • Supports landscape and portrait orientations.
  • Supports locking of page orientation.
  • Assisted browsing with auto-complete. Surfy suggests links by searching the web as you type in the URL box.
  • Set your default page.
  • Manage Favorites.
  • Share a page/link via email.
  • Open in Internet Explorer.
  • Comprehensive help.
  • A user feedback system where you can report a bug, or suggest new

So the Windows Phone 7 Mobile phone owners! what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a fresh alternative that adds some more features and frees you from Windows Phone 7’s in-built version of  the Internet Explorer, try Surfy. As they say, “change is refreshing.”

Surfy is available now from the Windows Phone Marketplace

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