Music Sleep Timer For Windows Phone 7

by mohit on March 18, 2012

If you love listening the music while going to bed and don’t want to do the hard work of switching you device off manually instead you want it get off automatically after certain point of time, then ‘Stop Music’ is mobile app that you must have on your Windows Phone devices. Its application is dead simple and effective. Just set a sleep timer for your currently playing music, so that your music will turn off after you go to bed.

Next big thing that must be creeping into your minds is how the Stop Music different from other similar apps in the market? Good question indeed because the app market is flooded with similar apps. The uniqueness of Stop Music is that this app is the only one that will stop all the music playing from your Windows Phone, including iHeartRadio, Slacker, Zune, or any other third party music app. The others can’t do that. Other sleep timers in the Marketplace don’t work with third party apps like iHeartRadio, Slacker, etc.

Stop Music Additional Features :

  • set a custom timer(hours, minutes, seconds), and Stop Music will stop your music at the end of the time.
  • Runs under lockscreen : When running under the lockscreen, Stop Music only updates every 5 seconds to save your battery.
  • Mango enabled :  The app supports Mango multitasking. Due to the way WP7 works, you MUST be in the app for your music to stop playing. You can of course respond to a text message. Just make sure to return before your timer is up. Feel free to turn off the screen.
  • Battery saving : Everything is optimized to use as little battery as possible, so you won’t wake up with a dead battery. Once the timer is up, Stop Music stops all processes so that you don’t wake up with a dead battery
  • its FREE

So go for this free app on Windows Phone marketplace and have a wonderful musical sleep every night.

Download Stop Music Free For Windows Phone 7.5 or higher 

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