My Bing Translator App For Windows Mobile Phones

by mohit on January 7, 2010

You are working in a Multinational company and suddenly you are being sent to some foreign nation for some very important assignment, in particular to a non-English speaking one or you just out there for a holiday with your family. As long as your language translator is with you, you are sailing smoothly, but what to do in case you get rid of him/her due to any damn reason? You are alone in the country whose native language you are not able to understand. You cant read the billborads, hoardings, street names and cant even speak with the natives of that land. There’s no need to freak out. The solution to such an abominable situation is  My Bing Translator v1.01.

My Bing Translator is a free online translator using It will translate the words/sentences in any language in the language desired/understood by you. Apart from using it to get out from the above said difficult situation, it can also be used for learning some key words in foreign languages just for the sake of fun or to read a book that’s not available in the languages known by you.

In short, its imperative to have My Bing Translator v1.01 application on your windows mobile devices.

My Bing Translator FEATURES:

  • its a freeware
  • Support for translation directions for multiple languages, the language list is updated constantly.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Consumes almost no traffic, because works directly through the Microsoft api.


  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6, 6.1, 6.5
  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5

Download  My Bing Translator v1.01 free for your windows mobile phone.

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