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by mohit on November 23, 2009

Now explore the new world of mind-boggling applications for your windows mobile phones. Adding to the new range of windows mobile apps is the MYCAR PROFILE v0.4( latest version).



With the help of this application you’ll be able to auto-answer your incoming calls without pressing any hardware buttons on your windows mobile professional devices. On the top of that, It also turns on the speakerphone, automatically. Isn’t it a great app for your windows mobile phone?


There’s a major difference between the default auto answer feature on windows mobile phones and this application. Unlike the default auto answer feature on windows mobile devices which only works when a headset is present and is burried deep inside Phone>Menu>Options>More, MyCar Profile works with or without headsets and is easily accessible. This application does not replace the default feature but simply makes it easier to access and use. So it will be an added advantage on your windows mobile device and not a sustitute for any existing auto answer feature.

One thing that you must keep in mind while using this app is that this application is not code signed and therefore you may have to grant access if your device is appication locked.

myCar-Profile_1 myCar-Profile_2


  1. to enable the features to work, the application should be running.
  2. The talk after (0-30) seconds should be less than the value set for call forwarding otherwise your incoming calls will go to voicemail.
  3. in order to allow easy access, assign a hardware button to the app.
  4. your phone settings will be retained as before when you exit the prodram.


increased compatibility with other software and added a new menu ENHANCED SPEAKERPHONE – to be used if auto speakerphone feature does not work in the first place.


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6 , 6.1

download mycar profile v0.40

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