NeoReader – Free BarCode Scanner For Windows Mobile Phones and Pocket PC

by mohit on November 21, 2009

neoreaderHurry guys and gals! now you can download for free the NEOREADER (made by neomedia)- a mobile application that enables your camera mobile phone to turn into a barcode scanner which will provide you the one-click access to the mobile content on the go, anywhere and anytime.


The NeoReader is a universal barcode scanning application that transforms your mobile phone into a barcode scanner and allows you to access mobile web content by scanning codes. The codes can be from various mediums like print ads, publication, packaging, billboards, retail display, broadcast media, or any other.

It’s universal because it can scan all the standard code types- Data Matrix, QR codes, Aztec Codes, EAN, UPC, and Code 128. So NeoReader is the only scanning software that you’ll be having your eye on.


And the best part is- It’s so easy to use – simply launch the NeoReader, click on the barcode with your camera and ZIP…the content is delivered to your phone. You’ll not have to type URLs into your browser, painful search engines will not bother you anymore,  and no cumbersome menu’s to navigate. The possibilities are endless. There’s an old english verse- “If you can think it, we can link it!”– that’s the motto Neoreader applies for its esteemed customers.



  • NeoMedia’s patented resolution technology
  • Gravitec’s ultra-small footprint
  • platform-independent code scanning algorithms


Code content can be linked and used for a variety of applications  that includes ad campaigns, nutritional information, business card information, personal mobile pages, t-shirts, and much more. The possibilities are endless. It will be an additional feature on your mobile phones for free with countless benefits. So simply enjoy it.


For using this application, you’ll be requiring a Windows mobile pocket PC 5, 6.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD : just click on download the neoreader

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