Nokia 5233 Hands Review – Nice Touch Screen Phone At Cheap Price

by Abhishek on March 22, 2010

Mobiles are becoming one of the necessities of life day by day and all manufacturers are competing in every way for the first place. The place isn’t decided by the line-up of high end extremely expensive cellphones one offers to its customers but is judged on the basis of the technology and features one provides at the cheapest possible price.

Brands like Nokia, Samsung and others are trying their best to impress buyers with their offerings and to move one step ahead of all the others Nokia has recently launched another mobile phone Nokia 5233 and we here express our views on this device.

Nokia 5233

Features Of Nokia 5233

  • First and foremost if the phone’s appearance is considered, it looks very much similar to its older brother Nokia 5800 and features most of the cosmetic characteristics that the latter comes with.
  • It has a fine 3.2” Resistive Touch display screen( Resolution – 640×340 pixels) and comes with a plastic stylus which is hardly useful, since the interface is convenient to play with your finger itself.
  • A Swap Slot similar to Nokia 5800 is provided for convenient insertion and removal of both SIM card and the Multimedia Card(expandable upto 16GB).
  • It comes with a 2.0 Megapixel Camera with fixed focus and while using the cellphone, we have observed that the camera is very clear and clicks high quality pictures despite being a 2.0 MP one.
  • Even though with a number of applications installed, the phone responds quickly and processes faster which is a good sign of a multimedia phone.
  • A 3.5 mm Headphone jack has been provided to accept almost all types of headphones available in the market and the sound quality is quite impressive.
  • The phone runs Symbian 60 – version 9.4 operating system and to support it the device comes with an ARM 11 434 MHZ processor.
  • The user interface is crystal clear and to a certain level multitasking can be performed with ease and additionally Home Screen’s Contact Bar is invested to give the user an altogether different experience.
  • Sensors coming with the phone like accelerometer and gesture turning control for silencing the handset work fine.
  • The Virtual Keyboard is fun to use and if he user prefers Handwriting Recognition then the latter option is also available.
  • Dedicated Volume and Camera keys are provided on the phone to access the respective features at the click of one button.
  • Taking about the media functionality and not to disappoint the readers, the phone comes with Stereo Widening, EQ presets and customizable options are also there. Radio reception is also acceptable along with voice recorder.
  • Assisted GPS is another feature that the phone is equipped and one can talk continuously on this device for nearly 7 hours.


At such a low price, Nokia is offering a nice product and those of you planning to buy a touchscreen phone for not more than Rs.8000 should check it out.

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