Nokia Panorama Photo Shoot App For N900 & N8

by Kabir on May 2, 2011

There are times when we want to capture some special moments with our friends and family in the backdrop of beautiful landscape, but the wide landscape just doesn’t fit in. We can do nothing in our mobile phones to widen the camera’s view, and if we go out to buy that ‘special’ camera, it would come expensive in addition to being pretty bulky and huge. So, Symbian developers thought of giving us N900 and N8 users some respite.

Symbian developers have introduced this latest app, called Panorama, that actually widens the camera’s capture and results in a better and ‘widened’ landscape. Panorama, it can be said, is an extremely easy to use apps. In fact, while reading about it, it turned out that it is not the first panoramic image presenter, but certainly the best that have come so far. Users can easily scan (or scroll) up or down for that perfect panoramic view. See the snapshot below to get a taste of the user-interface.

The app works well for N900 model (which is Maemo based) and N8 (which is on Symbian^3 based). We highly recommend this app for people who like using their mobile camera for photography. This would surely give a high to them. The app was previously available on OVI store but now it can be easily downloaded from the Symbian-freeware site. To download, click here.

Do let us know about your experiences of using this app. Drop in comments and tips and tricks of how we can make the best use of this app.

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