Nokia Software Updater To Update Nokia Device Software [ Compatible With Windows 7 ]

by mohit on January 17, 2010

Mobile phones, in no long time, have become an indispensable part of our lives. Just click of a button, and everything we need to know is in front of our eyes, on our mobile phone’s screen in a blink of an eye. Updates on local/international news, bank account statements, jobs, the list is endless. Similarly, one can also get the software updates for their Nokia mobile devices with the help of Nokia Software Updater 2.4.3


Simply download the Nokia Software Updater once to your PC and thereafter use this application to help you update your Nokia device software i.e. it will offer you the possibility to download and install the most recent versions of all Nokia device softwares..


  • Get the most out of your device : receive great new features, application updates and performance improvements from Nokia
  • get latest firmware for your device : get notification when the new software is available for your device.
  • compatibility : Nokia Software Updater is compatible with most Nokia devices.
  • freeware : its available for free.

Nokia Software Updater is compatible with most Nokia devices.


  • 1GHz, or higher, Pentium-compatible processor
  • At least 256 MB of RAM (memory)
  • Windows XP, or Windows Vista
  • Administrator rights to install
  • High-speed internet connection


  • Compatible Nokia device
  • Compatible Nokia USB connection cable
  • Compatible USB port on your PC


Before updating, it is recommended that you back up the data from your device either by using Nokia PC suite or your device memory card.

DOWNLOAD Nokia Software Updater 2.4.3 to easily update your Nokia software

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