One of The Best To Do List App For Windows Phone 7.5 [Mango] Devices

by mohit on January 23, 2012

One may seem to be very careless to others but its very natural in this hectic form of life that people are living across the globe to get succumb to the pressures and not being able to remember some other important tasks in a day. That’s where the traditional note-keeping diaries comes in. But hey, what did i just wrote – “note-keeping diaries’, isn’t i am sounding like a barbarian? Yes, of course. Who takes the pains of maintaining, carrying such diaries all the time in this era of Smartphones where a good mobile device with a good enough OS takes care of all such bigger as well as smaller notes in your life. Just get the Boxd app on your Windows Phone 7.5(Mango) device and free your mind of remembering the daily to-dos, groceries, homework assignments, and also keep track of any damn task, making sure that it’s all done.

Using Boxd app is the simplest thing one can do on the phone. Just follow the 3 simple steps and it does the rest for you. When loading the app all of your lists are shown on one screen in boxes, with a number shown in the right-hand corner of the “Box” showing you how many items are left to complete. Creating a new list is easy to do and you can choose the color to help you differentiate between the lists.

Boxd App Features:

  • Quick and easy list creation to keep track of just about anything
  • Scheduling lists to be complete by a certain date
  • A nice “jiggle” animation to remind you when a task is due that day
  • A Refreshing and vibrant interface
  • Easily email lists to your friends and family

Buy the app for just $0.99 with a free trial and get your brain rid of that extra burden of remembering loads of tasks to be done when you are already coping up with other work-life pressures.

Download Boxd App For WP7.5


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