Opera Mini New Google News Mobile Interface

by mohit on April 17, 2011

Not everyone out there can afford a Smartphone and have to be content with some Feature phones depending how much money they can shell off. And daily news is one important aspect of a man’s life and he neede to be aware of what’s all is happening in the world around him. Furthermore, sometimes he need to have the latest news info on the go, with not having spare time just for watching the news only. That’s where the mobile applications come into the picture.

The Google News team has been thinking about the milllions of users around the world who access the web not from a smartphone, but from a feature phone, using Opera Mini as their browser and not just directing all their hard work in redesigning their service for smartphones. So they have rolled out a redesigned ‘Google News‘ for Opera Mini in all 29 languages and 70 editions of Google News. The new app will feature :-

  • enhanced homepage featuring richer snippets,
  • thumbnail images,
  • links to videos and section content without explicit navigation,
  • a convenient search bar,
  • comfortably spaced links and
  • the ability to access your desktop personalization on your phone.

The folks at Google hope that this will improve the news browsing experience for Opera Mini users around the world, including millions of people using a feature phone as the primary point of access for the web. See the snapshots here in the Indian Hindi and Nigerian English versions

All one needs to do to get started with this great mobile app is to pick up his/her feature phone and point the Opera Mini browser to http://news.google.com to catch up on news anytime and anywhere. It’s that simple.

One can also visit their Help Center, where everyone is free to share more information and their personal feedback.

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