Optimize, Scan, Filter Calls and Manage Traffic on Symbian Phones

by Kabir on May 20, 2011

NetQin, a leading global mobile security provider has released a software for Symbian based mobile devices (Only 3rd & 5th edition). NetQin is world’s first software that provides boot acceleration and is designed to improve your Symbian phone’s performance without consuming more power. It protects your phone from malware, rejects calls and messages from “Blacklisted” numbers and much more. There are several other features as well which I shall list out later in the article. What more? It is free to download.

Key Features

  • System Optimization:- As the name suggests, it optimizes your phone’s performance by making sure that any other unnecessary app is not running. What it actually does is that, it scans the whole operating system for basic characteristics and presents certain results. Based on these results, the software then generates a rating for the phone’s optimization status.

  • Cloud Scan:- Another feature that involves scanning of your phone’s OS. After scanning the whole OS carefully, it eliminates any malware, thus protecting your device from any unwanted memory consuming, performance slowing character.

  • Call & SMS Filter:- This feature is quite a decent one. There are some numbers from where we get  unwanted calls and messages, hence we put them on the Blacklist. NetQin takes good care of these unwanted “Blacklisted” numbers.

  • Web Traffic Manager:- Web management is an important and largely ignored task. Sometimes we really need to take care of the amount we surf the internet and keep it under limits. NetQin’s Web Traffic Manager does that for us. It shows real time traffic bar and hence we can cut down on our net surfing and save on that extra mobile bills.

So go ahead and download it for free. Click here.

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