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by mohit on November 18, 2011

Windows Phone 7 marketplace has been showering with loads of useful and awesome mobile apps to entertain their customers in todays cut-throat mobile app competition amongst various Operating Systems in the world of Smartphones. From food to health, clothes to housing, education to fun, there are plenty of apps helping you out in almost every basic need of your life, covering all aspects of human life. One such yummy app would be the Pizza Hut appmaking all your favorites at Pizza Hut available on the Windows Phone 7.

Taking into the account the coolest Windows Phone 7 functionality and raising it to a tasty new level, here is this delightful app for all the Pizza Hut fans who also have one thing in common – they are owing a WP7 mobile device.

One can enjoy the extensive menu, explore daily specials and order Pizza Hut’s Most Popular items with just a few taps. Check out some of the features below, and you will come to know why this new Pizza Hut app is the absolute best new way to order.

Pizza Hut App Salient Features:

  • Our expanded menu offers specialty pizzas, Tuscani pasta, WingStreet wings, drinks, sides, desserts and limited time offers.
  • Guest Checkout allows you to order without signing in.
  • Most Popular items section provides quick and easy access to Pizza Hut favorites.
  • New Specials section provides updates on new products and deals.
  • Checking out is easier than ever before, allowing you to add credit card options without creating an account.

Note Before You Order :

  1. Ordering functionality is for U.S. residents only.
  2. Key ordering functionality for the app can only be accessed during the operating hours of your local store.

Pizza Hut app is now live in Windows Phone marketplace. And in case you have any further questions or comments about this app, Contact us at WindowsPhone@pizzahut.com.

Download Pizza Hut App For WP7.

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